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Simple jQuery text slider

Today, I needed a small slider for my portfolio... And my first thought was, hell... why not just build it myself. So this is what I did. This slider just slides all h1's in a given tag, with a given speed per slide. That's it... nothing more & nothing less, but it does the trick.


Load Pages With Ajax (jQuery)

As you might have noticed, this site has been updated quite a lot recently. One of the new things is that it's fully controlled within javascript/ajax (with a fallback for crawlers). In this post I'll explain how I've accomplished this. This might not be the best possible solution to do this kind of stuff, but it works so... I'm happy :)


Compiling intl extension for MAMP (Symfony2)

When your developing a symfony app, sooner or later you'll have an error telling you that you require to install the intl extension for PHP. As i've had this issue today, i have searched an awefull lot about how to install this correctly on MAMP (pro), and couldn't seem to find a solution that actually worked. After trying a lot of different solutions, this one worked.


Grunt.js: Getting Started

2 weeks ago, I finally took the step to grunt.js, and I love it. I'm not that busy with frontend development for the moment so that might explain why I haven't had the opportunity to use grunt. But 2 weeks ago I received a small Frontend task and saw the opportunity. I was checking 24ways, and saw the awesome tutorial by Chris Coyier.


Angular JS contacts App

Recently, I started experimenting with Angular js. In this small blogpost you'll find how I started my little experiment and what I did to "tune" the tutorial I used (guess what, i'll tell you about it in a tiny little tutorial).